Guardians of Freedom
A team of comic book characters I’ve developed during the first months of the invasion. Inspired by the real-life Ukrainian army men, and women, as well as the brave civilians fighting the russian invasion. Some with superpowers, others with just their bravery. A work in progress (3 more heroes are to be visualized) developed for the Ministry of Digital Transformation to raise morale | Illustrator: Dartsia Ziron’ka

A guy from the mystical Zmiїnyi Island (Snake Island) who destroys enemy flotillas with the mighty power of the word. Has the ability to turn into a giant sea snake.
Inspired by the famous border guard, who told russian warship to go f#ck itself.

Aloe Vira
A girl who has the power of healing and spell attacks. Comes from Konotop, a Ukrainian city known for its witches. Uses ancient spells to destroy enemies and healing powers to bring friendly warriors back to life with multiplied strength.

Captain Shkvarka
A cook who likes to eat well and cook with a grenade launcher. The signature dish is an enemy fried to a crust. He has a great sense of humor and a faithful companion Husʼ. Enemies are so afraid of it – they call it a real biological weapon.